Healthy Pasadena : Livable Centers Study


Project Overview

The City of Pasadena and the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) have embarked on a program called Livable Centers with a goal of designing livable communities for people to live, work, and play with healthier lifestyles.

The Healthy Pasadena Livable Center marks the City of Pasadena as a second time recipient of this program.

Study Area

The Study Area is located in the central sector of the city, about a half-mile from Strawberry Park, between Spencer Highway and Fairmont Parkway, and Strawberry Road and Tulip Street. It is focused on the medical cluster anchored by HCA Houston Healthcare Southeast, and home to the largest concentration of senior residents in Pasadena. Although we will be focusing on the area within the study boundary, all community residents are welcomed and encourage to participate in community engagement.

Goals of the study

The overall goal of the study is to create a vibrant urban center for all ages that connects diverse housing and thriving parks with employment opportunities to support healthy lifestyles. The study will result into a forward-looking vision and conceptual plan with tactical implementation strategies for catalyst projects that encourage walkability, connections within and between nodes of community activity, and build environment strategies that support local economic development and employment.

UPDATE: As the final step of the Healthy Pasadena Livable Centers Study, we would like to know how significant each recommended project would impact the City of Pasadena. There are six recommendations being proposed in this project.


Project Timeline

The Study was launched in September 2022 and is due to be completed in ten months by July 2023.

Element 1 Needs Assessment: Sept – November 2022

To create a strong foundation for an implementable and successful plan, a needs assessment will be developed based on comprehensive data analysis and it will be qualitatively verified by stakeholders and the local community.

Element 2: Conceptual Plan and Specific Recommendations – November 2022 – February 2023

With the help of the community , the project team will develop a Conceptual Plan that focuses on placemaking, improving access and safety for all modes, and boosting economic development, all while maintaining the health and wellness significance of the study area. In addition, the team will develop specific recommendations needed to help achieve the overall conceptual plan. Each recommendation will have a visual representation to help illustrate the intent of the project and will be posted to this website for the public to provide feedback on.

Opportunities to get involved:

Element 3: Implementation Plan ; February – April 2023

The consultant team will develop an implementation plan to guide project prioritization with an eye on final implementation, identification of key milestones, potential constraints, and market indicators to help determine the best timing to leverage funding opportunities and bring recommended projects, policies, and programs to fruition. With the help of the Steering Committee and the community, a final prioritization matrix will be developed to help the City of Pasadena identify which projects would provide the most positive benefit for the community.

Opportunities to get involved:

Element 4 : Study Report & City Council Presentation ; April – July 2023

Reports and deliverables for the Study will be consolidated into a Plan document to be presented to City Council for approval and uploaded to the Documents tab on this website.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved and share your insights! Stay informed on when and where in-person engagement events will occur by signing-up to the project’s mailing list to receive news, visit the News/Updates tab, and following these social media accounts: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Complete the Final Public Survey

As the final step of the Healthy Pasadena Livable Centers Study, we would like to know how significant each recommended project would impact the City of Pasadena. There are six recommendations being proposed in this project. Access the survey here

Public Meetings

Input from the community will help ensure that the study’s recommendations reflect the needs of the local community for healthy lifestyles and that recommendations can be implemented.

The City of Pasadena, H-GAC and the consulting team are seeking public input and feedback during three (3) specific in-person events, we will update the website as dates are determined here:

  1. Public Meeting #1 – November 2022
  2. Community co-design workshops – December 2022 / January 2023
  3. Public Meeting #2 – July 2023

Steering Committee

To further collect feedback and ensure the consulting team is on track with delivering recommendations that are a true reflection of what the local community needs, the City of Pasadena has identified a Steering Committee that represents people who live, work and are invested in the study area. The project team is grateful to those committee members that are volunteering their time for the future of the community.

A list of members is included here.

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Study Documents

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