The First Pasadena State Bank Building Implosion Day – FAQ’s

Last Updated: 7/18/19 at 4:00 p.m.

Details at a Glance 

The implosion of the First Pasadena State Bank Building, located at 1001 E. Southmore Avenue, is currently scheduled for 7:00 a.m. Sunday, July 21. The City of Pasadena is continuing to work closely with demolition experts, D.H. Griffin, and other contractors to ensure demolition readiness and implosion efforts that will promote and support safe conditions and the environment.


Where can I go to see the implosion?

Public access to and around the immediate demolition area is restricted. The area shown on the map (below) outlines a restriction safety zone that is closed to the public. 


*Restricted & Exclusion Zone Map Below*

The restricted perimeter includes the following streets: 

  • Harris (North Boundary)
  • Curtis (South Boundary)
  • Witter (West Boundary)
  • Davis (East Boundary)








Residents and business personnel who live and work in the area during the time of implosion are instructed to stay indoors and shelter in place for the duration of the implosion. D.H. Griffin and the Pasadena Police Department will be in the immediate area monitoring activity. All doors, windows and entryways to these structures are to be kept closed and air conditioning units must be turned off until the Pasadena Police Department issues an “all clear” signal.


What streets will be closed that morning?

For the safety of the public, several streets leading to the Restricted Safety Zone will be closed with blockades and police/ security officers. Please see map below for scheduled closures. 

*Street Closures Map Below*













How long does the implosion take?

The entire event includes both pre- and post-demolition work and is scheduled to occur from 4 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 21. Roads will be closed to vehicle and foot traffic during this time. Minor scheduling details may vary as clean-up efforts are completed.  The Pasadena Police Department will reopen roads as public safety permits.

The actual implosion of the bank building will last between 6-12 seconds and is scheduled for 7:00 a.m. although spectators are advised that exact scheduling is always dependent upon the weather and other safety factors.


How will I know when the implosion is about to start?

A horn siren will be used to announce when the demolition is commencing and has concluded. Five minutes prior to implosion, a series of sirens will blare, announcing a 5-minute warning for the implosion.

Pasadena Police will also sound their sirens announcing both a 1-minute warning and then a 10-second count-down.

Once the implosion is finished, Pasadena Police will signal an “all clear” when instructed by demolition experts. At this time the shelter in place will be lifted.


Can I come out when the blast is over?

Not right away. Even though the implosion typically lasts 6-12 seconds, the falling debris is expected to produce a dust cloud that, with wind, can travel outside of the immediate area and last much longer. It is critical for you to remain indoors and shelter in place until access notification is provided by the Pasadena Police Department using their sirens and lights.

Outdoor spectators should be advised that a dust cloud could possibly travel in their direction depending on the wind direction.


Am I in danger if I come out prior to notification?

Over 6 months of comprehensive work has been conducted to ready the building for implosion, including the remediation and removal of hazardous interior materials (asbestos). However, to minimize health risks and threats to persons -- especially those with breathing and/or respiratory conditions -- everyone is advised to remain indoors and shelter in place until notification is provided.


Can I take photographs or video with my drone?

No. City emergency officials and the project management team are working with the Federal Aviation Administration to create a TFR (Technical Flight Restriction) zone. This is necessary to ensure the safety of the process. Please see the map below or click here to view official information from the FAA. 

(Link to the Federal Avaiation Administration Technical Flight Restriction Zone:


*FAA Technical Flight Restriction Zone Map Below*













The City of Pasadena and the Pasadena EDC will have photographers on site to document the occasion. This video will be posted to social media for sharing.

The City of Pasadena, Pasadena Economic Development Corporation, D.H. Griffin and any other contractors working on the implosion are NOT responsible for any possible damage to an unauthorized drone or photography equipment.


What if it rains?

Weather conditions, such as thunderstorms and low cloud coverage, can affect the scheduled demolition. If either occurs, the implosion will commence when conditions warrant.


Why is the implosion happening so early? And on a Sunday?

Demolition experts advise that Sunday is the least disruptive day for an implosion, where high traffic volumes, increased activities, business openings, and merchant transactions are minimal.


There are so many Facebook pages and groups about the implosion. How do I know what’s accurate?

The City of Pasadena and the Pasadena Economic Development Corporation are continuously coordinating additional updates via social media as details become available. In addition to this webpage, we encourage you to follow our social media accounts for the latest official information. Please note: neither the City of Pasadena nor the Pasadena EDC has created a specific Bank Building Facebook Page, Group or Event for the implosion. Our updates will ONLY be posted on the following accounts:


Pasadena City Hall                                                       Pasadena EDC

Facebook - @pasadenatexas                                                  Facebook - @pasadenaedc

Twitter - @PasadenaTX                                                           Twitter - @Pasadena_EDC

Instagram - @cityofpasadenatx


Will I be able to watch the implosion if I cannot attend?

The implosion of the building will be shared via Facebook Live on the City Hall and EDC pages (subject to Wi-Fi signal strength). Additionally, the Pasadena Channel, and other communication partners will be assisting us with capturing the event to share with the community.


What’s going to happen to the leftover parts of the old bank building?

Contractors are working to salvage beams and other metal portions of the structure for recycling. A large portion of the bricks is slated to be repurposed as an outdoor display on the City Hall Municipal Campus.

The Pasadena EDC has also donated a limited amount of bricks to the Pasadena Heritage Park & Museum which will be sold in their gift shop. We encourage you to stop by the Museum where you can learn about the history of the First Pasadena State Bank building and much more.


About D.H. Griffin

Since that first project in 1959, the company has grown steadily. In 1967, the small demolition and recycling company known today as D. H. Griffin Wrecking Co., Inc. was incorporated. In the years since that time, the wrecking company has grown to be one of the largest demolition contractors in the world. Engineering News and Record (ENR) ranked D. H. Griffin Wrecking Co., Inc. in the Top 20 Firms in Demolition and Wrecking, as the third largest demolition company in the United States in its annual ENR 2018 Top 600 Specialty Contractors issue.  In the same issue, Demolition & Asbestos Removal Inc. (DARI) was ranked fifth in the Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement.






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There is a lot to do in Pasadena. Spend the day lounging by the pool at Strawberry Water Park, go shopping, and then enjoy dinner and a glass of wine at one of our local restaurants.