Join Us in Celebrating National Economic Development Week

Monday, May 04, 2020

Now, more than ever, it is important for us to come together as a community - to support our healthcare workers, first responders, businesses, teachers and everyone working hard to keep our community safe and strong. Pasadena Economic Development is one of the organizations actively working to support our community and to provide support and services to the businesses who call Pasadena home. This work is ongoing, but today, we take a moment to celebrate our successes.

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) has set May 4 - 9 as the 2020 National Economic Development Week #EconDevWeek. This is the fifth Annual Economic Development Week campaign and an opportune time to reflect on the importance of local economic development efforts to building a vibrant and sustainable Pasadena. 

About #EconDevWeek

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) created EDW in 2016 to help raise awareness for the profession. Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) are often misunderstood because their activities happen behind the scenes, outside of the public eye.

EDW is a chance to recognize economic developers, the local leaders and organizations, like Pasadena Economic Development, who work tirelessly to recruit investors, develop businesses, create jobs, enhance the tax base and ultimately improve the quality of life of their communities.

What Pasadena Economic Development Does to Improve the Economy 

Did you know that we provide a comprehensive range of critical services geared towards building the local economy and supporting area businesses?

Here are some of the primary ways we work to better our community:

Marketing Pasadena

Most people don’t understand what an incredible community Pasadena is when coming from outside of the area. We are actively marketing the softer side of Pasadena so that people look at our community when moving into the Houston region - either for their family or for their business. Pasadena Economic Development is at the forefront of marketing our community to attract prospective investors and residents. We promote our community’s assets and business advantages in order to create awareness and opportunities. 

Improve quality of life

Pasadena Economic Development has tackled important quality of life projects that make Pasadena an incredible place to live. We are also at the forefront of diversity and inclusion initiatives designed to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table and that our community is welcoming so that we can continue to grow. 

Support for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Pasadena Economic Development is a valuable resource for new and developing companies. From advising on basic topics like business planning to helping find a location and identify financing, these services are integral to helping early-stage businesses succeed.

Business retention and expansion

Because existing businesses are crucial to local economies, we offer services to help them problem-solve, succeed and expand. This might be as simple as offering advice or technical assistance. Or it might entail helping a company access funds to enable renovations, equipment upgrades or infrastructure improvements.

Assistance with workforce development

Finding skilled workers is one of the primary challenges for businesses today. That’s why economic developers work closely with local partners to help build and maintain a strong local workforce. Pasadena Economic Development commonly helps companies with recruitment as well as the development of specialized training for in-demand jobs.

Learn more about our organization and how we’re working to strengthen the area economy! 


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