centerpoint energy logoCenterPoint Energy, a strong partner in economic development and the local distribution company, provides electricity services to the City of Pasadena. Deregulation is in effect in Texas and typical capacity available is 35 kV (35,000 volts), although some sites have access to 138 kV (138,000 volts). With some basic information, City of Pasadena Economic Development staff can garner industrial and commercial rates from numerous retail providers.

Natural Gas

CenterPoint Energy also provides natural gas services to the City of Pasadena. CenterPoint Energy's Transportation Services offers qualifying end-use commercial and industrial customers a choice in their natural gas supply. By providing customers access to competitive natural gas suppliers, CenterPoint Energy enables customers to maximize the value of their natural gas consumption and transportation services suppliers ship natural gas to qualified customers in Houston. For rate, tariff and other information, visit CenterPoint Energy’s transportation section. Typical gas line size and pressure in business parks is two to four inches with 50 to 60 psi (high pressure).


pasadena city logoThe City of Pasadena has delivered on its commitment to insure delivery of utility resources for developing partners directly in the City and adjacent developing areas.

The City of Pasadena has doubled its water capacity in partnership with the regional 200 MGD Southeast Water Purification Plant. This expansion allows the City to deliver potable water to all impact customers at all levels of consumption. The City is committed to delivery of wastewater sewer services throughout our service areas and has development strategies for these services with our future development plans and regional service partners.

The City of Pasadena is properly positioned for the most rigorous resource needs of global partners that include opportunities for delivery of the most demanding natural elements including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrocarbons of more complex nature. The delivery area is complemented by highly sophisticated pipeline systems and globally connected to the Bayport Shipping Terminal in Pasadena and operated by the Port of Houston.

Location, resources and an enviable tax structure make the City of Pasadena a trifecta of elements needed for success in business structures where customer satisfaction is in both our Mission Statements.