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Pasadena Boulevard Phase I Photo

Pasadena Boulevard Phase I

The City of Pasadena and PEDC have set out on a course to transform Pasadena Boulevard and allow the corridor to serve as a catalyst for reinvestment in the surrounding community. The plan represents a vision for the corridor that suggests a role that extends beyond concrete and traffic flow — a bustling area of economic activity and an economic opportunity for the surrounding community. It imagines the corridor as an intriguing destination that encourages and supports the business community, and equally important, the quality of life for residents in the area.

PEDC's Economic Development Strategic Plan recognizes the corridor as one of the most critical to maintain economic success in the City of Pasadena. Project scope to include replacement of concrete on corridor, and new traffic signals and sidewalks.

Weather permitting, construction timeline is approximately 12 months. The project will begin at Harris Ave and move North. Work will begin on the East side lanes. Check back here for the latest updates on the project.

Project Details: 

Project Name: Pasadena Boulevard Phase I - SH 225 to Harris Ave

Location: Pasadena Blvd from SH 225 to Harris Ave

Construction Budget: $16.1M 

Partners: City of Pasadena

Construction Contractors: MBN Enterprises, LLC, Entech Engineers 

Expected Date of Completion: Q1 2025

Contact Information: Rick Guerrero, Executive Director,