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Shaw Avenue Phase I Photo

Shaw Avenue Phase I

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Construction is complete at Shaw Avenue covering from Carl Street to McMasters Avenue.

This $2.8 million infrastructure improvement project includes roadway repaving, widening of sidewalks, and upgraded utilities.

Additionally, a $1 million pedestrian improvement project for this same area includes the paving of sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrian lighting, trees/plantings, and pedestrian furniture.


Project Details

Project Name: Shaw Avenue Phase 1

Location: Shaw Avenue between Carl Street to McMasters Avenue

Budget: $2.8 million for infrastructure improvements, $1 million for pedestrian improvements

Partners: City of Pasadena

Consultants/Contractors: Clark Condon, Landscape Architects; Project Manager: MarCon, Infrastructure Streets and Drainage; Millis Construction, Sidewalks, Lights, Intersection Paving, Landscape and Site Amenities

Date of Completion: July 2022

Contact Information: Rick Guerrero, Executive Director,

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Shaw Avenue
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