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Little Vince Bayou Greenway Photo

Little Vince Bayou Greenway

PEDC and the City of Pasadena's Parks and Recreation Department have partnered with the Houston Parks Board on a study to investigate a trail network extending between Little Vince and Vince Bayou linking this system to the City of Pasadena City Hall. Over the past several years, PEDC and the City of Pasadena developed a series of studies, including the Pasadena Boulevard Masterplan, the Vince Bayou Masterplan, and the Pasadena Livable Centers Planning Study and each study had a slightly different recommendation for this trail network. 

Conducting an in-depth site analysis in conjunction with a traffic assessment yielded a series of on-street cross sections for the trail network. This investment will yield a complete loop between bayous and improve access to both commercial businesses and recreational amenities. 

Project Details

Project Name: Little Vince Bayou Greenway

Budget: TBA

Partners: City of Pasadena Parks & Recreation Department

Relevant Documents: Final Plan, Appendix Materials

Consultants/Contractors: Houston Parks Board & Clark Condon

Contact Information: Rick Guerrero, Executive Director,


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