nanoActiv® HnP Collaboration Nets Significant Returns

nanoActiv® HnP Collaboration Nets Significant Returns Main Photo

17 Dec 2019

Pasadena, TX -- Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA) has partnered with industrial gas supplier, Messer Americas, to improve oil and gas production. Their collaborative treatment, nanoActiv® HnP—an energized, fast turnaround style "Huff 'n Puff"—incorporates nanoActiv® with a carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) gas application method to enhance oil and gas recovery. nanoActiv® HnP powered by Messer Americas, a BOOST-EOR™ chemical composition solution, enables the recovery of hydrocarbons to be accomplished faster, more completely, most cost-effectively and with longer efficacy than existing options on the market today.

According to Messer Americas' Oil and Gas experts, a recent Woodford Formation Well – treated with nanoActiv® HnP powered by Messer Americas' nitrogen – continues to experience sustained daily gas production levels 120 percent greater than its originally completed initial daily production levels. Another well in the Buda Formation continues to produce three times more BOPD (barrels of oil per day) and 3.3 times MCFD (one thousand cubic feet a day) more, 690 days post-treatment. The production improvements provided by the nanoActiv® HnP treatments can give operators a reliable, cost-effective alternative to any other re-stimulation method and provide a practical, economically viable solution for full field re-development enhanced recovery.

The innovative partnership combines Nissan Chemical's excellence and decades of experience in industrial nanotechnology with Messer's expertise in gas interaction, job design and technical services in oil and gas well remediation and restimulation, to maximize production results in today's market. The two companies work together to screen candidates and prescribe a recommended treatment plan.

"The unique combination of our specially surface-treated nanoparticles with Messer Americas' highly effective application method is proving to be valuable for reviving wells, and increasing oil and gas returns," says NCA Senior Petroleum Engineer, Yusra Ahmad. "Our goal is to continue to demonstrate the clear advantage our customers have when using nanoActiv® HnP."

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