Redevelopment Work Begins on Shaw Avenue

Redevelopment Work Begins on Shaw Avenue Main Photo

7 Oct 2020

{Pasadena, TX – October 7, 2020} The revitalization of the Shaw Avenue area has been at the forefront of the Wagner Administration since 2018. The vision and timeline the City of Pasadena had for these improvements aligned perfectly with the completion of the Pasadena Economic Development Corporation’s Strategic Plan.

The plan highlighted and prioritized major corridors in Historic Pasadena in need of redevelopment with Shaw Avenue among those identified.
“Community Input has been a priority for this administration and this project is a perfect example,” said Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner.

With well-aligned priorities, the Pasadena EDC Board of Directors allocated $2.8 million in funding to carry out this major project and recently the design for the new street was completed.

"While this project is one that has been on the books for a couple of years, we were fortunate to receive additional community input and technical assistance through the Livable Centers Planning effort,” said Sheena Salvino, Redevelopment Manager for Pasadena EDC.

The new design incorporates recommendations from local stakeholders including on-street parking, wider sidewalks, improved lighting, and landscaping, among others.

The infrastructure improvements span from Carl Street to McMasters, however, the bulk of the pedestrian amenities will be installed between Shaver Street and Spooner Street.
“This area is ripe for redevelopment: it has a dense mixture of land uses, public open space, and contains buildings with street frontage and great adaptive reuse potential,” said Salvino.

One well-reported adaptive reuse example is the original Pasadena Post Office, which has been purchased and redeveloped into architectural offices by a private investor.

Groundbreaking for Shaw Street Redevelopment has commenced and is expected to take 12 months for completion.

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