What is Wayfinding and How Is It Incorporated into Your Daily Life?

What is Wayfinding and How Is It Incorporated into Your Daily Life? Main Photo

18 Oct 2022

Photo courtesy of Tangram Design, LLC - New Braunfels Project

Where are you?

What's your destination?

Where are the local attractions and best kept secrets?

According to Tangram Design, LLC, signage and wayfinding systems guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. Wayfinding signage refers to a process in which people navigate an unfamiliar environment creating a sense of place, helping you orient yourself to then identify a plan and route to follow to get to your desired local destination or attraction.

Space IQ suggests that there are four types of wayfinding signs: identification, directional, informational and regulatory. Here are some general examples:

1. Identification - Landmark signage (donor plaque; historical marker)

2. Directional - Junction signage (left to cafeteria; right to an exit)

3. Informational - Amenities and accomodations (free Wi-Fi; elevators)

4. Regulatory - Compliance standards (ADA accessibility; high voltage sign)

Wayfinding is necessary for pedestrians and motorists to successfully navigate a space, especially in high-stress, complex environments like urban centers, transportation facilities, and healthcare and educational campuses. Naturally, people need visual cues to find their way, therefore, Wayfinding is made up of maps, directions, and symbols/icons. Wayfinding also allows for an avenue of exploration, for example, in a city with many historical sites and buzzworthy attractions, signage can promote awareness, edcation and discovery of local treasures and best kept secrets. 

Pasadena Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) is thrilled to partner with Tangram Design, LLC to embark on a new Wayfinding Signage Design Project for the City of Pasadena, TX. To stay current with the latest news on the project, and other PEDC initiatives, follow our social media channels and subscribe or updates.