Returning to School in Pasadena, TX: What to Expect

22 Jul 2020

As fall quickly approaches, returning to school for the year has taken on new levels of complication. With COVID-19 still a concern, students throughout Pasadena at all levels of education are evaluating the best way to head back. Fortunately, the Pasadena Independent School District, the University of Houston Clear Lake, and San Jacinto College are giving students options for how to return. They are demonstrating how Pasadena leads in education - with caring and compassion. 

Read below for information on each institution.

Pasadena Independent School District: COVID-19 Update

The Texas Education Association offers two options for students - face-to-face instruction on campus or virtual learning provided by a Pasadena ISD teacher. Face-to-face instruction will be a blend of in-person learning and virtual tools so that students can quickly switch to a virtual setting if necessary. Virtual instruction will be offered in a remote format without requiring students and the teacher to engage at the same time. Students must be engaged during school hours, teachers will provide daily feedback and assignments will be closely aligned with what is being taught in person. Students will also be required to participate in all virtual conferences and tutoring sessions. Some in-person testing may also be required. In this video, Superintendent Dr. DeeAnn Powell explains the options available for students attending the Pasadena ISD.

All staff members will be on campus daily to teach either face to face or virtually. Every student will receive an electronic device, allowing them to receive instruction virtually.

Drafted protocols and procedures for next school year are available online. They are subject to change following updated state and local guidelines. COVID-19 action levels will be implemented at each campus and location that includes adjustments to transportation, organization, food and arrival and dismissal procedures based on the threat level. Restrictions will remain in place for things like student gathering and visitors. 

University of Houston Clear Lake: COVID-19 Update

This fall, students at the University of Houston Clear Lake will have four flexible learning options for course delivery to help protect their health and safety while continuing their education. Students who enrolled prior to these changes should review their classes to see how they will be delivered under this new approach. Options include the following:

  • Bimodal - Face-to-face education that also allows for remote class participation. Social distancing guidelines will be followed. 
  • Online - Asynchronous - Classes with no face-to-face interaction or required virtual meeting times. All content provided online. 
  • Online - Synchronous - Virtual classes that meet at a particular day and time. Some lectures may be required and there will be consistent expectations for participation. 
  • Online - Asynchronous/Synchronous - Online classes that meet virtually at specific times on an occasional basis. 

San Jacinto College: San Jac My Way in COVID-19

Through San Jac My Way, San Jacinto College is offering four course options for the fall. Students can go to school online at any time, online with classes meeting at specific times, have a flexible campus experience, or a hands-on hybrid. The flexible campus experience will deliver many courses virtually with rotating in-person small groups to receive additional instruction. The hands-on hybrid will deliver courses virtually with some small group hands-on learning experiences. 

This video provides more information on these choices. 

Texas Chiropractic College

The Texas Chiropractic College sent all students and employees an updated Return to Campus Plan, which provided many details about the return process. All students and employees are encouraged to read through it and understand our expectations for returning. 

Pasadena leads in education.

Families choose Pasadena because we continuously lead in education and are willing to adjust as needed to support students. 

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