Create a Positive First Impression for Your Business in Pasadena

Create a Positive First Impression for Your Business in Pasadena Main Photo

25 Oct 2022


Small businesses have been driven to seek new and unique methods to drive their sales over the past few years. In the face of rising online shopping options, brick-and-mortar businesses must find opportunities to bring customers through their doors. For many, that means creating an exciting first impression the customer can see from outside the building. Retail studies have indicated that 95% of customers state a store’s exterior influences their decision on where to shop, while 70% of-first time sales are based on curb appeal.

Reasons to improve your business’ exterior

  • Increase customer base

Improving the curb appeal of any business will drive up foot traffic and walk-in customers. Offering customers a pleasant and exciting appearance when they view your business for the first time will usher them into your store, ready for the quality within. 

  • Build your community reputation

Beyond a pleasing visual experience, customers need to know they will find quality productions and a dependable provider within your walls. A clean exterior displays that your business is authentic in the products and services delivered. 

  • Deliver a positive experience

Health and safety for customers and employees alike are more important than ever. A well-lit exterior, with accessible options like ramps for disabled customers, wide doorways and a clutter-free entryway, is essential to ensure individuals can access your store easily and safely. 

  • Increase property value

An attractive storefront can boost foot traffic, drive sales and ultimately increase your property value. Investing in your business exterior can bring more customers into your store and make it an attractive option to potential investors. 

Business Enhancement Program

Pasadena small businesses are fortunate to have access to the Pasadena Economic Development Corporation Business Enhancement Program (BEP) to support local small business development and city revitalization. BEP is part of the 2018 Pasadena Economic Development Strategic Plan, a 10-year roadmap to guide Pasadena’s growth.

BEP is an initiative available to eligible businesses to apply for funds to complete enhancement and improvement projects to improve the appearance and functionality of their exterior. Recipients can obtain 1:1 matching grant funds for 50% of the cost of construction and architectural fees, up to $20,000 per project for construction and architectural fees combined through reimbursements upon project completion.


  • Currently operating business
  • Building must be in the City of Pasadena, Texas
  • Legal entity
  • Current on all taxes
  • Owner or tenant with current lease
  • Document availability and commitment of necessary funds for the project

Examples of eligible projects:

  • Sidewalk cafes, balconies, decks and planters
  • Murals
  • Private walkways like pavers or sidewalks at front entrance
  • Repair/replace of public-facing roof
  • Installation or repair of permanent exterior signage
  • Renovations to improve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Examples of ineligible projects:

  • Project costs/improvements made before grant approval
  • Building permit fees and related costs
  • Correction of any code violations
  • Routine building or site maintenance
  • Interior building improvements

Apply today

View the BEP guidelines for a complete listing of pertinent information, including eligibility requirements, review process and scoring criteria.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. They must include a completed application, project plan, color photographs of the existing exterior conditions of the building, property tax bill or deed, current tax documentation and indication of commitment of funds. Lessees must also provide a valid lease and Property Owner Declaration and Consent Form. Email the application and supporting documents to Julianne Echavarria. Staff is available to assist with identifying finance options through commercial lending institutions. All funding is required to be committed and available before applying. Please call the Pasadena Economic Development Corporation at (713) 920-7966 with any questions.