Make this Holiday Season Local Pasadena!

Make this Holiday Season Local Pasadena! Main Photo

4 Nov 2022


Pasadena, TX, is known as a community that cares. Residents typically display that affection during the holiday season by frequenting and patronizing local businesses. An excellent opportunity to continue that tradition is Small Business Saturday, a day on which communities across the nation can support local entrepreneurs, shops and other enterprises while getting to know the people who bring their products and services to benefit customers all year long! Small Business Saturday is Saturday, November 26.

Pasadena Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) is proud to help the small businesses and consumers that make the Pasadena community so unique! Shopping local this holiday season is the perfect opportunity for residents and visitors to visit small businesses and familiarize themselves with the people who bring their products and services to benefit customers all year.

American Express organized Small Business Saturday in 2010 to highlight the importance of small businesses to local economies. While holiday shopping helps small businesses, it is an excellent opportunity to develop a year-round recognition of their importance. The U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy reported 33.2 million small businesses in the country are employing 46.4% of the private workforce. For Texas, the number is 3.1 million small businesses and 4.9 million employees, or 44.5% of the state's total.

Small businesses are critical as primary players in a community’s employment base. The Office of Advocacy reports small businesses have accounted for 62% of net new job creation since 1995. Most small businesses hire employees who live close to their operations, so job creation is an incredible boost to local economies.

Small business resources in Pasadena

Pasadena EDC, the City of Pasadena, and the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce have come together to support local businesses year-round. Learn more at #Pasadena Loves Local about how you can help local jobs, keep money in the local economy and support the future growth of Pasadena.

PEDC has launched a free business intelligence tool to help leaders make smarter, data-driven decisions. SizeUp Pasadena provides business intelligence, customer identification, supply chain answers and more to help every Pasadena entrepreneur and small business.

The San Jacinto College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers advising and training opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses as a partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Guides to plan, launch, manage and grow a business are also available from the SBA.

The Office of the Texas Governor provides a Small Business Resource Portal and How to Start a Business in Texas as excellent resources and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

SCORE is the nation’s largest network of expert volunteer mentors that work to help new business startups. Several SCORE locations around Pasadena offer their services to Pasadena businesses and residents.

Finally, PEDC calls for all residents and visitors to Pasadena to help small businesses. After you’ve met some entrepreneurs in Pasadena, spread the word about these businesses so more and more people will begin supporting and recommending startups in your area. Be sure to follow their social media accounts. Give them a shout-out in your posts, stories, and hashtags to show your interest and share their stories with others.

Pasadena Economic Development is here to support these businesses with their start. Please contact us with any questions about assistance or call (713) 920-7957.