Pasadena Awarded EPA's Brownfields Assessment Grant for Infrastructure Reuse

Pasadena Awarded EPA's Brownfields Assessment Grant for Infrastructure Reuse Main Photo

21 Jul 2022

Pasadena, Texas – The Pasadena Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) is pleased to announce its awarding of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Brownfields Assessment Grant which empowers states, communities, and other stakeholders to work together to prevent, assess, safely clean up, and sustainably reuse brownfields. A brownfield is a property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant, according to the EPA.

The grant supports the comprehensive revitalization effort from PEDC to enhance the visual appeal of the City, build a community identity, create vibrancy, and attract visitors to the Shaw Avenue District, and surrounding areas, north of HWY 225.

“PEDC is thrilled to be among the EPA’s winning applicants for a Brownfield Assessment Grant,” said Carlos Guzman, PEDC Executive Director. “Redeveloping and revitalizing Historic Pasadena is the key to economic success and the future of this City.

The No. 1 strategy laid out in the Pasadena Strategic Redevelopment Plan is to pursue rehabilitation, infill development, and adaptive reuse. The awarding of the grant will help advance the core principles of the Plan; enhance housing options and affordability, preserve, and expand economic health and security, and adapt infrastructure to promote a healthy community while serving urgent need in target areas in Historic Pasadena by allowing PEDC to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct a range of planning activities, develop site-specific cleanup plans, and conduct community involvement initiatives related to brownfield sites.

“Receipt of this grant builds off the momentum we are experiencing by catalyzing planning efforts and harnessing the collective energy of our local and regional partners already working on infrastructure upgrades, flood mitigation, corridor development and a network of bayou initiatives,” said Steve Cote, PEDC Chairman.

It is estimated that there are more than 450,000 brownfields in the U.S. currently. Cleaning up and reinvesting in these properties increases local tax bases, facilitates job growth, utilizes existing infrastructure, takes development pressures off on undeveloped, open land, and both improves and protects the environment.

“Taken together, PEDC and its partners, will be better able to revitalize core neighborhoods; catalyze sustainable economic growth; and help to ensure a safe and clean environment for Pasadena’s residents with the Brownfields Assessment Grant,” said Sheena Salvino, PEDC Redevelopment Manager.

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About the Pasadena Economic Development Corporation (PEDC)

PEDC was created in 1998 as a nonprofit, type B corporation under the Texas Development Corporation Act. It is financed by a half-cent sales tax collected in the City of Pasadena. State law allows the city to collect this sales tax to pursue specifically authorized economic development activities in the city.

The seven members of PEDC’s Board of Directors are appointed and serve at the discretion of the City of Pasadena Mayor and City Council. The Corporation’s annual budget is also approved by City Council.